Grace Bible Church was never closed. The ministry has continued and grown, but we look forward to regathering together. We ask that you prayerfully consider this document outlining our process for regathering prepared by our leadership. These phases take us into the fall and may change with new regulations or lifted restrictions. Flexibility, patience, and trust are the keys to walking in a worthy manner (Colossians 1:28).

Please understand that this is our anticipated plan based on agreements between governing authorities and the expectation that our governor will loosen state regulations to match federal guidelines. We do plan on continuing to honor our government and will need to remain in Phase 1 of our proposed plan if no changes are made this week.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
May 24 Starting May 31 Fall 2020
Worship Service 10:45am Livestream In-Person & 10:45am Livestream In-Person & 10:45am Livestream
Children’s Church/Nursery No No Probably Yes
Small Groups Zoom In-Person & Zoom In-Person & Zoom
Cornerstone/Youth Online Only In-Person & Zoom In-Person

Phase 1 - Everything is the same as it has been since March 15th when we moved services online

  • Online services only will go live 10:45am on Sunday
  • Small Groups will continue Zoom meetings

Phase 2 - Everything is the same as Phase 1 except for the Weekend Services & Small Groups

  • Online services ( continue, but on May 31, in-person services will return.
  • We will offer three services to start: 9:00am, 10:45am and 6:30pm on Sunday.
  • Spanish translation will be available during the live 10:45am service only.
  • You will need to register each week for which service you will attend via GraceNet.
  • Children are welcome and encouraged to join their parents in the service. We look forward to hearing their voices joining our worship. The 160 room will serve as an overflow for mothers who need it.
  • Weekend services will be just like they were before with these additional guidelines:
    1. We ask you NOT to return if you are sick, you have been sick within the 2 weeks prior to any given weekend, or you live with someone who has been sick within 2 weeks of any given weekend.
    2. We will trust you to make the best decision to regather for yourself if you are 65+, have any pre-existing conditions, or are in a high risk category. Regather at your speed, not anyone else’s.
    3. Seating will be limited and spaced in the main worship center, and we trust you will help us maintain appropriate distancing.
    4. We will leave it up to you whether or not to wear a mask. We will also trust you to respect those who choose to do the opposite of you. Love, kindness and respect are vital at this time.
    5. We will do our best to keep the church cleaned according to CDC specifications, especially in high traffic areas.

  • Small Groups and Anchored Students will be likely begin to meet in-person and keep online streaming/Zoom available for those who prefer.
  • We love you if you are with us Day 1, and we love you if we are not going to see you for a while.

Phase 3 - Everything is more or less back to normal with a couple qualifications

  • Childrens, Youth, Men’s & Women’s ministries and Small Groups are probably all back in operation
  • Children’s Ministry, Anchored Youth will pay close attention to what local schools are saying and doing.
  • Online options will remain indefinitely for any who still remain cautious.
  • Bottom line: Pray for your shepherds as they navigate our church through these days, weeks and months to come. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for more details in the coming week, and know that more changes could come at any time.

UPDATE (June 21, 2020)

Grace Bible Church recognizes the unique health concerns created by the COVID19 crisis and protective health measures that have been implemented by our Governor this past week in regard to the wearing of face coverings. That June 18th document states, “People in California must wear face coverings when they are in the high-risk situations” and it defines a number of scenarios including public areas and workplaces.

It is our recommendation, not requirement, that face coverings be worn when entering and exiting our church building especially when it might be possible to pass within six feet of other individuals. We have reconfigured our sanctuary to create adequate social distancing but recognize that this distance may or may not be optimum for some, especially in the high-risk categories.

UPDATE (July 4, 2020)

In accordance with state guidelines, please wear a mask when entering and exiting the building. Masks will be available. Also, everyone entering the building will temperature screened.

If you have any questions or concerns about any implemented COVID19 measures, please feel free to contact Grant Olewiler at 661 342-1349 or

UPDATE (July 23, 2020)

It is expected that Kern County will be placed on the state’s monitoring list this week and that churches will not be allowed to hold indoor services. The leadership is viewing this as a blessing in that we now have the opportunity to meet together as one body in a single service outside of our building. We will hold one service this Sunday at 8:45am on the west side of the Boys & Girls Club building (west of our building). We will enjoy a great amount of shade in this location and will steer clear of warmer temps later in the morning.

We have not been able to meet together as one congregation since early March so we are excited for this opportunity to worship and fellowship together again in one meeting time.

Registration will not be required and there will not be an evening service this week.

UPDATE (July 30, 2020)

As temperatures continue to rise in the central valley, we believe it’s best to begin our service earlier, at 8am to protect everyone from the sun and heat. For those who are still watching online, our goal is to have the service uploaded for you by 10:45am, so you can participate along with us at the regular time you’re used to.

We will have an area designated for those who need more space between chairs, so there is no need to bring your own but you can if you would feel more comfortable.

UPDATE (August 13, 2020)

We are introducing a Wednesday evening worship service beginning on August 19 at 7pm at the Woodward home. This will be a lighter version of Sunday morning, with worship in singing and preaching as we continue through our sermon series in the Old Testament. You are invited to bring your lawn/camp chairs and whatever you need for being outside during this time. Details and location will be shared via e-mail - please let if you need to be added to our list.

We will continue to meet on Sunday mornings all together at 8:00am in the east side of the church parking lot.

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Grace Bible Church nunca fue cerrada. El ministerio ha continuado y crecido, pero esperamos reunirmos juntos. Les pedimos que consideren en oración este documento que describe nuestro proceso para reunión preparada por nuestro liderazgo. Estas fases nos llevan hasta el otoño y pueden cambiar con nuevas regulaciones o restricciones canceladas. La flexibilidad, la paciencia y la confianza son clave para caminar de manera digna (Colossians 1:28). Por favor, comprenda que este es nuestro plan anticipado basado en acuerdos entre autoridades de gobierno y la expectativa de que nuestro gobernador relajara las regulaciones estatales para que coincidan con las guías federales. Planeamos continuar honrando a nuestro gobierno y tendremos que permanecer en la Fase 1 de nuestro plan propuesto si no se realizan cambios esta semana.

Fase 1 Fase 2 Fase 3
24 de Mayo Empezando el 31 de Mayo El Otoño
Servicio de adoración 10:45am Livestream In-Person & 10:45am Livestream In-Person & 10:45am Livestream
Children’s Church/Nursery No No Probably Yes
Small Groups Zoom In-Person & Zoom In-Person & Zoom
Cornerstone/Youth Online Only In-Person & Zoom In-Person

Fase 1: todo sigue igual desde el 15 de marzo cuando cambiamos a los servicios en línea

  • Los servicios en línea solo se activarán a las 10:45 a.m. el domingo
  • Los grupos pequeños continuarán las reuniones de Zoom

Fase 2: todo es igual que la Fase 1, excepto los servicios de fin de semana y grupos pequeños

  • Los servicios en línea continúan (, pero el 31 de mayo, empezaremos servicios en persona.
  • La traducción en vivo solo está disponible durante las 10:45 a.m.
  • Ofreceremos tres servicios para comenzar: 9:00 a. Y 10:45 a. Y. 6:30 p. El domingo.
  • Deberá registrarse cada semana para el servicio al que asistirá a través de GraceNet. Serán enviado instrucciones sobre cómo hacer esto, comenzando a principios de la próxima semana.
  • Los niños son bienvenidos y animados a unirse a sus padres en el servicio. Esperamos escuchar sus voces uniéndose a nuestra adoración. La sala de 160 servirá como un desbordamiento para las madres que la necesitan.
  • Los servicios de fin de semana serán como antes con estas guías adicionales:
  1. Le pedimos que NO regrese si está enfermo, ha estado enfermo dentro de las 2 semanas anteriores de cualquier fin de semana, o si viven con alguien que ha estado enfermo dentro de las 2 semanas de un fin de semana.
  2. Confiaremos en ustedes para que tomen la mejor decisión de reunirse si es mayor de 65 años, tiene condiciones preexistentes, o están en una categoría de alto riesgo. Reúnase a su velocidad, no la de nadie más.
  3. Los asientos serán limitados y espaciados en el centro de adoración principal, y confiamos en que nos ayudarán mantener un distanciamiento apropiado.
  4. Le dejaremos a usted si usar o no una máscara. También confiaremos en usted para respetar a aquellos quienes eligen hacer lo opuesto a usted. El amor, la amabilidad y el respeto son vitales en este momento.
  5. Haremos todo lo posible para mantener limpia la iglesia de acuerdo con las especificaciones de los CDC, especialmente en lugares de mucho tráfico.
  • Los grupos pequeños y los estudiantes de Achored probablemente comenzarán a reunirse en persona y seguirán transmitiendo en línea sobre Zoom para quienes lo prefieran.
  • Los amaremos si están con nosotros el primer dia, y los amaremos si no los vamos a ver por un tiempo.

Fase 3: todo vuelve más o menos a la normalidad con un par de calificaciones

  • Los ministerios de niños, jóvenes, hombres y mujeres y grupos pequeños probablemente vuelvan a funcionar
  • El Ministerio de Niños, Anchored Youth prestará mucha atención a lo que dicen y hacen las escuelas locales.
  • Las opciones en línea permanecerán indefinidamente para cualquiera que aún sea cauteloso.
  • En pocas palabras: oren por sus pastores mientras navegan nuestra iglesia a través de estos días, semanas y meses por venir. Esté atento a su correo electrónico para obtener más detalles en la próxima semana, y sepa que podrían venir más cambios en cualquier momento.