Men’s Ministry

2017 Men's Retreat

The men of Grace are encouraged to grow into spiritual leaders in their home and men of character in the workforce. First, and foremost, every man should be studying God’s Word and praying daily. Secondly, he should be faithful in attending and involved in his local church, always making his family his primary ministry.

Recapping our Men’s Retreat, here are 10 thoughts we can focus on about Prayer:

  1. Pray With Your Mind
  2. Pray With Your Heart
  3. Pray Big
  4. Pray Continually
  5. Pray the Scriptures
  6. Pray at Length
  7. Pray With and For Others
  8. Pray With Your Wife & Make Sure She Has Time to Pray
  9. Pray With and For Your Children Continually
  10. Pray Theologically

All men are encouraged to participate in Bible Training Institute (select Friday evenings) - for more information please see this page. We also invite you to our weekly morning prayer time at 8:45am on Sunday mornings upstairs.


The Iron Men group meets for prayer and discipleship every other Wednesday and Saturday mornings in room 160 at the church (5207 Young Street). Come and enjoy the fellowship as “iron sharpens iron”. All men are welcome!