Outreach Ministries

Jesus commanded us in Matthew 28:19 to “make disciples of all nations.” Every believer is called to be involved in Outreach—by proclaiming the gospel personally and/or financially supporting those who do. Therefore, we have made this a priority at Grace Bible Church in three ways:

Gospel - Centered Worship

The gathering of the church together for worship is to be focused upon facilitating the true church—the saved—giving praise to our Savior through preaching, listening, song, giving, and the Lord’s Supper. While endeavouring to equip the saints through verse-by-verse expository preaching, the focus always turns to the cross. The gospel is for believers, as Paul said in Romans 1:15 that he was eager to preach the gospel to the believers in Rome. A wonderful by-product of this focus is that the unbeliever can come to Grace Bible Church and hear the gospel of Christ proclaimed in word and song, and see it proclaimed in the Lord’s Supper.

Global Outreach (Missions)

Grace Bible Church focuses our efforts on supporting men who plant churches rather than supporting agencies in a general manner. Although philanthropic ministries are good, strategically we choose to support the greatest opportunities to actually preach the gospel to the unsaved.

Local Outreach (Evangelism)

We encourage every individual believer to proclaim the gospel through a variety of means—whether neighborhood outreach, jail ministry, or relationship evangelism with those you know personally. Any and every creative means possible should be utilized to declare the gospel to the lost. We are called to plant the seed of the gospel and God takes care of any results from our faithfulness. We make evangelism materials (such as gospel tracts and Bibles) available free of charge, so that you will have tools to fulfill this vital role.