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Steve Swartz

Senior/Teaching Pastor, Elder

Steve and Sylvia have been married 25 years and have been blessed by the Lord with their four children, Daniel, Michael, Joel, and Julia. The family has worked together in ministry for 15 years while Sylvia has faithfully home-schooled all the children from kindergarten. Both Steve and Sylvia are musicians and enjoy singing together and enjoy involvement in music worship when the opportunity arises. The kids have multiple loves and interests from tennis to basketball to piano to art. “By God’s grace and help, we endeavor to make our home centered on Christ in our time commitments, relationships, discipline, and discipleship. We want our children to know the warmth and loving accountability of parents who serve Jesus Christ.”. Steve holds a Master of Divinity as well as a Doctorate of Ministry from The Master’s Seminary.

Oversight of Bible Training Institute / Men’s & Women’s Ministries / Discipleship

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