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Grant Olewiler


Transplants from the San Fernando Valley, Grant and his wife Cathy moved to Bakersfield in 1992 after a four year stay in Placerville, California. It was a college Bible Study in 1981 at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley that brought he and Cathy together and they have raised 6 children and currently have 9 grandchildren. They have both had a passion for parenting and have taught biblical parenting for more than three decades.

Grant received a Christian Ministries Degree from The Masters University and has managed a local manufacturing and marketing business since the early 1980’s. He is also passionate about church leadership, seeing that God has an amazing plan for the church to be His instrument to share the good news of Christ to the world. He also serves on the TMAI Advanced Team, encouraging seminary planting around the globe. His favorite Bible verse is John 3:30.

Grant is the current Chairman of the Board of Elders.

Oversight of Legal Matters / Construction & Facility

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